Brimstone & Treacle by Dennis Potter

So, here I am again, at the beautiful Sewell Barn Theatre in Norwich. This time I’m directing Dennis Potter’s Brimstone and Treacle. It’s exhilarating at this point. The actors know their lines, and we’ve discussed aims and objectives.  The characters are coming to life and the set is growing around us. Dennis Potter’s writing is wonderful.  HisContinue reading “Brimstone & Treacle by Dennis Potter”

And it’s opening night!

It has been wonderful watching this production come together. I get excited enough rehearsing with the actors, watching the characters and their relationships take form, but when we get onto the stage and the set grows around us, the costumes and props appear, then the lights and music…I guess what I’m trying to say isContinue reading “And it’s opening night!”

‘You probably had to be there…’ or ‘The Power of Laughter’

   So, last night’s rehearsal was a hoot. Our actors all have a ‘day jobs’ at the moment, life seems somewhat stressful for most of them. On top of that, one of my 3 cast members was unwell, so I ran relevant scenes with the two who were present.  We began with a vocal warm-upContinue reading “‘You probably had to be there…’ or ‘The Power of Laughter’”